Sunday, September 25, 2011

Put Yo Name On It! - Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

Here I am, Here I come, Here I be

I’m rockin with the dream team
Ladies lookin at me and they’re tryin not to scream
This ain’t my first time though, so I play it serene
Fellas put yo hands up if you know what I mean

Wannabe macks always getting so green
Cuz I’ve always been the king of this hip hop scene
Or it could be cuz your dreamgirl is only 17
Keep liftin that truck, I’ll keep doing my thing

Go ahead homie, bust out yo paychecks
I don’t even care about your girlfriends fake pecs
Have a great time, maxin out your Amex
I’ma sell rhymes, you can go sell APX

I drop hooks like Peter Pan
Got it on lock and it’s wrapped like saran
Keepin it fresh while the world gets fried
Now slide to the side, I’ma show you how to ride

(Chorus) Gotta put yo name on it
                Just put yo name on it x2

I put my name down rolled ‘em up
Sugar pie, butter in yo cup, YUP
It’s overhaul, cuz who can rock
If the ball ain’t roll
So push push, shove it shove it
Put some shoe into it
Gotta get down, don’t let down HA
No no no no no no You
Can’t stop, won’t stop
This party knockin down yo block
You name it, I got it
You name it, my name’s already on it HA
You can try to step, but you’ll be getting wupped
Because we open a can
We let the cat outta the bag, and then we baggin the cats
Just wait until we stack ‘em on top
Jump back jump back

Put yo name on it
Just put yo name all up on it
Shawty won’t stop, til somebody at the party got the pop top
Gotta put yo name on iiiiiiiit

Sign my name on the dotted line
Don’t even gotta keep ‘em like a one at a time
But little kid you know what’s mine is mine
Now keep the room bouncing if you still feel fine

Cuz I show up first, put my name on top
And I’m keeping it hot when the temperature drop
Water the soil on this hip hop cash crop,
Tell me what my name is – Can’t stop won’t stop

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