Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bring The Funk - Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

Jump Back, uh boy kiss yo bad self
Can't Stop Won't Stop, it's the top shelf
Top dolla - all balla
your mind so blown your skull become holla
Now if you like this funk, Then put yo name on it
it's like buzzards when it stunk they get all up on it
And we bringin it here, the purpose is clear
slap that stank down hard on your earhole, made whole
every soul is our goal and i'm on a roll, son
uh huh, uh huh the tardy bell has rung
can't stop won't stop - won't stop singin it
can't stop won't stop - won't stop bringin it
we the funkiest ones under the sun
MC's beg under the table for crumbs
Hip Hop thermometer under my tongue
reads fresh hundred and 1,2, 93
until infinity, it's most certainly
an unstoppable force, straight from the source
we gold- tooth grinnin when we hit the floor

We gonna bring the funk
I said enough's enough
and if your funk is up you better pass the buck
the funk will ride when the ride get's rough
you gotta huck the buff
you gotta strut yo stuff
and if your funk is up you better pass the buck
the funk will rise when it's hot enough

Now we snack cheese like we get grain-like
Fresh outta breath like a breathing apparatus-like
MC's, enemies gettin Oh so queasy
Girls get ditsy when they come down to see us
Because in us we trust, to bust another a plus
and this show is a must
and No we ain't no bust with so much bucks
and all you bee money honeys can bite the dust
So get encrusted by the refuse of your gimmicks
We entrusted to take it to the very limits
And we bust it, and you're scared cuz it's on
like you're staring straight into the teeth of a mastodon
Boss- Yeah that's what we are
So you can bite the style but you can't jock the gnar gnar
Cars girls and lotsa bling
Read auto-tune for dummies and you learned how to sing


The truth is self-evident, we bomb just like our president
we ain't pent up, take that mental metamucil
Utterly irrefutable, rhymes ain't reusable
lyrically we keep it clean for the children so it's suitable
Now we're so fresh we're goin agrarian
Ain't that better than vegetarian?
Shine so bright we need our own planetarium
Biggest fish in the hip hop aquarium.

Always Gettin' Mine - Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

I've been gettin' mine since I was knee high
That's why I'm fightin' off the mommies like I'm Marty McFly
So call me Johnny B. Goode, cuz I'm ahead of my time
But I don't rock a six string, this mic is workin just fine
I be shootin game like a washington bullet
And we them Can't Stop kids, you know we came here to rule it
My motormouth is so hot that I be sippin' on coolant
This tank is never running out cuz I can always refuel it
Got my head up in the clouds like my name was Manute
I'm thinking about these so-called rappers and their passion pursuits
It got me feelin' like Arenes, almost ready to shoot
If gettin' money's really evil you can call me the root
Style's so hot you gotta lose your shoes
We be all up in your grill when we feed you the news
So if the hustle is alarming then you gotta hit snooze
Cuz I'm running in a race that I just won't lose

I'm a sucka for 40 freight cars, 14 watching star wars
Living out my dreams, that's what I'm living for
Before stepping out the back door, hit 'em with another hit to make 'em hit the floor more
I soar to unimagined stats on the scoreboard
Check my status on the Eff book, On tour
My baby asked me if she could get an encore
En Course, main course, I ain't even gotta trip
I'm too slick to ever slip - All up in it like a cat for nip
And I'm equipped with the skills to make the beat go bump bump
Whole wide world gon' jump jump
C to the S to the W ill - All up in it like a lion for kill
And I'm endowed with the skill to make the beat go bump bump
Whole wide world gon' jump jump

Jump (x a bunch)

Ayo, we move the party like a riot squad
Internalize the energy like lightning rods
We take advantage of the rhythm like a sabotage
And stayin' right up out yo reach like a phenomenal jump shot
Rock the meter til it's sounding mad sick
Party people we just wanna see you get drastic
Working the components on an instant classic
Got the people buying platinum, but they're payin for plastic

We the kinda kids that kick it off the cuff
This is like a burner that never gets buffed
We the kinda kids that keep it comin' on time
Isn't it apparent that I'm always gettin' mine?

And if the sun don't shine, And if the birds don't sing
And if the lucky don't strike tonight I'm still so polite cuz I'm always gettin' mine
And if the world laughs at me, And if my laundry gets dirtay
And even in my worst of times I'm still shinin' bright cuz I'm always gettin' mine

Ringalator make you spin out the way
DP will make you cough up your ashtray
C to the S to the W ill, get mine
Ain't got no trouble when everything shines
Even if they take away my cheese, I'll still be around
Even if they throw my movies off, I'll still be around
Even if they broke my Bopacon, I'll still be around

Put Yo Name On It! - Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

Here I am, Here I come, Here I be

I’m rockin with the dream team
Ladies lookin at me and they’re tryin not to scream
This ain’t my first time though, so I play it serene
Fellas put yo hands up if you know what I mean

Wannabe macks always getting so green
Cuz I’ve always been the king of this hip hop scene
Or it could be cuz your dreamgirl is only 17
Keep liftin that truck, I’ll keep doing my thing

Go ahead homie, bust out yo paychecks
I don’t even care about your girlfriends fake pecs
Have a great time, maxin out your Amex
I’ma sell rhymes, you can go sell APX

I drop hooks like Peter Pan
Got it on lock and it’s wrapped like saran
Keepin it fresh while the world gets fried
Now slide to the side, I’ma show you how to ride

(Chorus) Gotta put yo name on it
                Just put yo name on it x2

I put my name down rolled ‘em up
Sugar pie, butter in yo cup, YUP
It’s overhaul, cuz who can rock
If the ball ain’t roll
So push push, shove it shove it
Put some shoe into it
Gotta get down, don’t let down HA
No no no no no no You
Can’t stop, won’t stop
This party knockin down yo block
You name it, I got it
You name it, my name’s already on it HA
You can try to step, but you’ll be getting wupped
Because we open a can
We let the cat outta the bag, and then we baggin the cats
Just wait until we stack ‘em on top
Jump back jump back

Put yo name on it
Just put yo name all up on it
Shawty won’t stop, til somebody at the party got the pop top
Gotta put yo name on iiiiiiiit

Sign my name on the dotted line
Don’t even gotta keep ‘em like a one at a time
But little kid you know what’s mine is mine
Now keep the room bouncing if you still feel fine

Cuz I show up first, put my name on top
And I’m keeping it hot when the temperature drop
Water the soil on this hip hop cash crop,
Tell me what my name is – Can’t stop won’t stop

Cool Summer - Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

Yo In the summertime heat
When the pulse is back
You get to bumpin the beat
Hear me attackin the track - I lack
Nothing at all, got the baddest gear
Swoopin’ in the cruiser, bringin up the rear
I keep it current, Keep it coming correct
I feel the burn for the hustle like the sun on my neck
But yo I gotta play it cool like xylitol
When the honeys get to layin out like wall-to-wall

I wanna knock it out the park like a little leaguer
Cuz the girls get choosy when the boys get eager
My funds are too meager to gas my ride
But ladies say that I’m fly when I cycle by
That’s why I get on down til the early morn
Leave two grass angels on the neighbors lawn
They call me B-I-G S-P Double O- N
Don’t believe me dude? You better check wit yo girlfriend

It’s so good, It’s so good when you can take off the hoodie
It’s alright – Summertime
In my hood, In my hood ain’t nobody can thrill me quite like
A cool cool summer

I got a fresh pair of Double-D Batteries in my boombox
Whole block comin’ down with that sound
Of the CS-Summertime some are fly, some are hot
Time to take you on a critical ride

Alright alright, sunshine to nine
And we got all night to do just what we like
And we like whatever feelin’ right
Ain’t clappin’ no caps just clap to the beat

Of the lyrical ice cream truck, bringin y’all the treats
And the honeys all lookin’ so good
in the back of the yard, the back of the car
forget about the bed we sleepin’ underneath the stars

I’m from the city of Reno, where we getting’ mad dough
Closin escrow on this mad track, so stand back
Back to the song of yo summertime crush
We crack the can, did you pack a lunch?


Now if I can drop a verse then I can pick it back up
Like Usain Bolt, I’m gonna tear this track up
So get get to stepping like it’s double double dutch
The summer time style is too much to touch
I be that dumpster jumper with a farmer’s tan
Throwin out MC’s like a garbage man
We bout to blow the roof off your party van
And when we wake up in the morning we just start again

We gonna take it to the streets on the Equinox
Summer Jams comin out yo Speaker box
Yo this ain’t a yard sale, but we’ll clean yo clocks
And break the windows on the block like a box of rocks
And yo the sun don’t set on the noise we make
We came to blow this party up like yellow cake
Yeah maybe I’m dirty, but I’m still the bomb
And tonight we gonna party like it’s Ramadan

I’m from the church of funk here to bring you the news
We got the cure for the summertime blues
You got the need for the word of truth
They seein’ the power in these 1’s and 2’s

Mista Neva I’m feelin the feva
Hold up yo head let me relieve ya
Preach on y’all, til y’all believers
The hook, the line now here’s the sinker


Stop, Drop, Roll - Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

Hooked on hip hop phonics, yeah it works for me
So jump aboard, yeah this train is free
The conductor - Let me toot my whistle
The instructor of the funky uncle fizzle
We be dancin on a lake when it ain't froze over
We be walkin on water while you're sinkin your rover
If you step any close you'll be eatin' some teeth
So please step back, I entreat

I dish deep like deep dish supreme
Step large walk hard on a two man team (Yup!)
Gangsta lean, I'm Kitchen Clean
We gettin' clout like a carnivore gots gout
So shout out loud
All you party people bring it when the time is decreed
Your feet are in need of a one step, two step
TCB like Bubba Ho-Tep baby

Stop Drop Roll (x2)

Look, tonights the night. P Dot Early's on the mic
I came to get the party hyped
Dressed to the nines, punchline
I got more dimes than a fourth grade lunchline
I'm gonna get mine, mine
Stake mine, really. Chi-Town cat gettin cheese like philly
Order steak at the grilly, I flow chilly
Put jokes on every rapper, like Laffy Taffy silly
Look, I make the groove get down
I love the way she shake that little ghetto booty girl like (Oh!)
Hold up. Touch your knees to your elbows
She like my kicks, I betcha Nike don't sell those
But I bet you sweat your weave out the velcro
Let your milk shake, put them fries on the track
Let me fill your order girl, I'm a Big Mac
And yousa chicken nugget head, dip it in my chit chat

Stop Drop Roll (x2)

Cast my net off the side of a boat
I ain't pulled up fish, I pulled up a microphone and some dope beats
Unsurpassable feats, surpassed by me fortnightly
Walk softly, but I carry a big stick.
Nasty. Oh it's so fantastic.
Like Lincoln, lemme log lemme log
We the slammer, Emcees is Pogs

We be on ya like a boar hog on a corn cob
Like a dog on a pole, Like a rat on a cheeto
Like a polo popped collar on an alt-bro
Like skinny jeans wherever hipsters roll (Woo!)
It's day old and bold, so put some bag balm on it
Cuz I'm told, from pole to pole, from coast to coast
We smooth as hummus on fancy toast

They're bringing out the nanny, ladies and gentleman
Can't Stop Won't Stop. MEGA.
They're coming through the door. 
They're holding the sceptre, so put away your sword. Just leave it alone.
Can't Stop Won't Stop. They're coming home to ROOST.